Rogart Primary RotaKids


At a special meeting on Monday 3rd November the RotaKids Club of Rogart Primary School were presented with their membership certificates and wristband.  Rotary Club President Fiona Risk spoke to the club and made the presentations while Teacher Ruth Rooney and Head teacher Graeme McCarthy assisted along with Rotarian Rotakids supervisor Isobel Murray.

Although the club is only 6 weeks old it is already very active and they handed over 5 Shoeboxes filled and ready to go to Romania.  They also announced Carol Singing around the community and a Help the Aged project.

President Fiona said "it was a joy to visit such a wonderful rural school where everyone helps each other and is so aware of their community-- I hope I can get the same enthusiasm from the grown up members!!"


Pictures shows the club after their presentations and with shoeboxes.