Christmas Quiz 2014 - Download NOW!

The 2014 Christmas Quiz wqs won by Sue Goff and Family of Odiham, who very generously donated their prize money back to Rotary Charities. Ths Quiz can still be downloaded NOW ..and it's FREE if you would like another go.

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2014 Christmas Quiz


was won by Sue Goff and family from Odiham.

Sue has very kindly donated her prize money back to our Rotary Charity fund.

Thanks, Sue

The Quiz is still freely available as below.

The full set of Answers can be found by clicking HERE.

There are sixty cryptic clues to the names of celebrities and famous people.
Discovering the answers, either individually or with friends and family, over the
Christmas Holiday can be challenging and fun.
The quiz can be downloaded  HERE and it doesn't cost anything to download. 
Please forward this Rotary Club Quiz to your friends and contacts so that they may enjoy it too.
A Happy Christmas to you all.

Click here for a printable pdf copy NOW!

Rotary Club of Odiham and Hook

Famous People Cryptic Quiz