Rotary Global Swimarathon 2017 success


Saturday the 11th and 18th of February saw the Rotary Club of East Sutherland show their commitment to helping eradicate Polio Worldwide by holding 2 Polio Swimathon events.  The first on the 11th saw Brora Primary School pupils, RotaKids Club and friends swim over 970 lengths of the pool raising over £400 on the day.  It also marked a significant birthday for Headteacher Dawn MacKenzie.  This set the bar high for the event on the 18th when the Rotary club members and their supporters took to the water at the super Golspie Sutherland Swimming Pool.  Some exceptional records were broken with Roger Boyce, Angela Grant and Lindsey Ross all swimming enough lengths to pass their ages comfortably (a certain gent having to swim over 70 while the ladies a smaller discrete number!)

Fryer Nicolson from the Dornoch Primary Rotakids Club took her Mum to the cleaners when she swam 40 lengths at £1 a go - Mum thought she might do 10!!  All in all it was a happy and enjoyable hour which raised well over £1,000 on the day and with the Rotakids efforts the week before the total of over £1,500 will make a difference as Rotary and Bill Gates will make the total up to over £18,000. 

Rotary has helped reduce the number of Polio cases each year from over 500,000 20 years ago to less than 40 in the Afghanistan war torn area in 2016 and believes that in 3 years time endemic Polio will be a thing of the past.  East Sutherland Rotary club is committed to helping eradicate Polio Worldwide by then so they will run 3 more Polio Swims in mid February until 2020.  If you are a fun swimmer or a serious swimmer watch for next year’s event and join in a historic occasion when 1,000 clubs all over the world swim at the same time to help others

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