Satellite Club

The Adelaide is home to our twice monthly Satellite Club meetings

A new style Rotary

We are one of the few clubs in the area to have embraced the new Rotary initiative of setting up a Satellite Club to try and attract new members who are too busy to commit to a weekly meeting.

Members of the Satellite Club are full members of Teddington and Hamptons but meet at a different time, just twice a month. You will find a small group socialising over a drink or two on the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month at the Adelaide Pub in Park Road, Teddington.

Members also attend main club meetings if they wish and are fully involved in all the club events. They organise their own events too, with successful fundraising dinners and most recently, a Salsa Dance night.

If you feel that the commitment of a weekly dinner is too much for you then the Satellite group gives you another way of joining the Rotary family and giving something back to your community.

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