Safari Lunch

Sun 7th June 2015 at 12.05 - 16.30

End of year get together Safari Lunch .

Rotary Club of Birstall Luddites
Club End of Year  Safari Lunch.
On Sunday 7th June the club held a Safari Lunch, an event to mark the end of
President Jerry's year in office.
A very well organised time table was drawn up by Martin and the day was blessed by a welcome sunny summers day.
Rotarian's with partners and friends started the day at intervals from 12 noon with Canapes at  Colin and Helen's abode in Soothill.
The main course was split between Margaret and Nigel in Lamplands and Mary and Martin in Birkenshaw. The menu was a choice of Shepherds Pie with seasonal vegetables, or cold fresh poached salmon with salad, this was timed between 12.30 and 1.15.
The Dessert course was supplied by Jill and Robert in Gomersal. Enjoyed looking at Roberts spectacular Wisteria flowers. Jill;s puddings were enjoyed by all from 1.00 through to 2.00pm.
The final destination for everyone to meet after Jill and Robert was at Leyton Lodge Scotsman Lane where Carol and Jeremy were hosts for "post prandial refreshments" .
Ample supplies of cheese and buscuits with Prosecco and wine and tea and coffee in abundant supply where Luddites enjoyed the lovely gardens adjoining the Howley golf course.

Big thanks to all the hosts Helen, Margaret and Nigel, Mary and Martin, Jill and Robert and Carol and Jeremy for doing all the work and to all Luddites who attended.
It was an enjoyable day in Rotary
(ps sorry didn't get to Mary Martins for pictures)