Foundation Committee

Foundation Committee

Foundation Plan 2017 2018

Firstly, thank you to everyone on the Foundation committee for this rotary year, with a special thanks to Barry Jones who did a great job as chairman until he moved down to the south coast, our loss is another rotary clubs gain.

I would like to welcome the forthcoming years committee members,  as they say in no particular order : John Fishburne, Gerald Emerton, Geoff Parsons, Peter Mascarenhas, John Poulson and Roger Brooks. I hope that, like me, you are all looking forward to a busy rotary year.

Our first objective is to have fun, at the same time raising funds for our own charity Foundation, we are looking to put on a Nantwich rotary beer festival which will be staged at Nantwich Town Football Club, our plan is to start off in a small way but to establish it as an annual event and to grow it year on year, for those of us who enjoy a pint of Craft beer this should be fun.

We will, again, be organising and manning the car park for the Nantwich Food Festival on the barony, could we ask all members to put the 1st,2nd and 3rd of September in your diaries we will need everyone to assist, historically this event has been our main fund raiser.

In the spring we will arrange a morning walk around the picturesque village of Wincle near Macclesfield, which will end at the Wincle brewery for a pie and a pint, more fun and fellowship.

Please keep the Jam jars and loose coin tins coming in, each one goes a long way towards our Foundation target.   

I will be pleased try to answer any questions if you have any, if not I would like to ask the club to approve and support our Foundation programme. 


             Foundation  Committee  Programme – 2016 - 2017


Following last year’s brilliant work by the Foundation Team and help from all members of the Rotary Club of Nantwich, I am anticipating that this coming year, funds will be raised through the following possible events:-

-         Car Parking  at Nantwich Food & Drink Festival September 2016

-         Rotary Box Collection Tins – could raise about £250

-         Possibility of a social event beginning with a 3 to 4 mile walk and ending up at Winkel Brewery for beer tasting.

-         Possible Beer Festival in the future.

We are hopeful that a sum of £2000 ($3000) could be raised through the above, with minimal costs.

The intention is to distribute the £2000 ($3000) as follows:-

-         Polio Plus                      -    $  600

-         Community Projects  -    $2400





Barrie Jones


Foundation Committee - Proposed Activities 2015/2016

In the coming year it is proposed that Foundation hope to raise funds through the following events:-

-        Car Parking at Nantwich Food & Drink Festival

-        Sainsbury's Collection

-        Rotary Box Collection Tins

-        Pursuing the possibility of Metal Detecting Event (Very early days).

We are hopeful that a sum of £2500 ($4000) can be raised through the above.

The cost of the above would be minimal with the exception of the Metal Detecting Event.

We intend to distribute the £2500 ($4000) to the following:-

-        Polio Plus    -   $ 600

-        Foundation -   $3400


Whether we will be able to raise any Grants from District is still to be ascertained.

Barrie Jones

Chairman elect - Foundation Committee 2015/2016.

  Foundation Committee Plans for 2013 -2014       Herbert Rowsell

Raise $1000 for the Club and $100 per head for Foundation

        Arrange for a Peace Scholar to visit the Club
       Tell Dabbers what Rotary does and explain to them the distinction between the two clubs.
        Inform the members of past deeds and tell of the characters in the club at an evening meeting
        Have a Service in St Mary's to commemorate our 80th year