Dovedale Dipper - Results 2018 and earlier year results

2018 results are here. A 26 Mile circular run or walk (actually some say it is 27.4!), or shorter 15 Mile ramble or run through the beautiful Derbyshire Peak District National Park.

The organisers would like to thank everyone who took part

Another fantastic turnout for The 16th Annual Dovedale Dipper and many thanks to all those who took part.  We are sure that a goodly sum will be raised for British Skin charity.  Our thanks once again to  Raynet and St Johns' for their attendance and help and to all the many volunteers who staffed the checkpoints and looked after the competitors at HQ.  Thanks of course mainly to you guys for coming and making the event such a success.

2018 results


26 mile run.xls

15 mile walk.xls 



The 2017 results 

15 mile runners pdf

15 mile 2017 walk.pdf

26 mile 2017 runners.pdf

26 mile 2017 walk.pdf

The 2016 full results 





The results for 2015 are:-

Challenge 2015r un.txt.pdf

Challenge 2015 walk.pdf

2014 Ramble Results

2014 26 Mile Challenge Walk

2014 26 Mile Challenge Run

Some earlier results





Dipper 2007_Overall.xls 


We do not have the results for 2009 to 2010.  If you have a copy we should be delighted to put them on the site.

Dipper Challenge Placings 2011.pdf

Dipper Ramble Placings 2011.pdf

Placings challenge 2012.pdf

Placings ramble 2012.pdf

26mile challenge 2013 All competitors.pdf

26mile ramble 2013walk.pdf

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