Club Weekly Meeting: Screening of 'Near Home' by Kay Mander

Tue 12th April 2016 at 18.45 - 21.00

A fascinating film of Bishop Auckland which was brought to my attention recently. Some Club members may have seen it before, but I think it will go down well

A screening of 'Near Home', a fascinating 1945 documentary-style film of Bishop Auckland.  This little gem of a film is charming vision of small school education in Bishop Auckland. It follows a group of local children who embark on an ambitious study of their town, guided by an inspirational teacher. The film was produced by the Ministry of Education and portrays the optimism that children will now be able to look forward to a life of freedom and enquiry in the post-war world.

The film documents many Bishop Auckland landmarks as the children's investigations lead them all over town: from Wilson's Forge on South Church Road, to Grange Hill Farm and Lingford's baking powder factory on Durham Street. It was directed by the prolific and innovative documentary film maker Kay Mander. Running time 24 mins

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