Club Weekly Meeting: Northumbria Blood Bikes

Tue 10th May 2016 at 18.45 - 21.00

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Photo of Northumbria Blood Bike on Newcastle Quayside

Northumbria Blood Bikes is a charitable organisation established by local volunteers to deliver essential blood and urgent medical supplies, out of hours, between hospitals and healthcare sites and laboratories in North East England.  We cover Northumberland, Tyne and Wear, and County Durham

Outside normal office hours, when their internal courier service is not available, hospitals have to rely on taxis or couriers to transfer urgent medical supplies or test samples between hospitals and other sites. Blood Bike groups, across the country, seek to carry out this service free of charge, ensuring the limited resources of the NHS can be used where it makes a difference. Northumbria Blood Bikes is dependent on charitable donations, solely run by volunteers, giving their own free time to run and deliver the service.

In critical situations, blood or other medical items need to be delivered urgently in order to save a patient's life. Blood bikes, with their distinctive livery, emergency lights, and narrow profile, can quickly get through busy traffic reaching the destination sooner

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