Grand Horse Race Evening with Twickenham Rotary Club April 2016

Sat 16th April 2016 at 19.00 - Fri 22nd April 2016 - 22.00

A race night with a difference! in conjunction with Rotary Club of Twickenham. All funds to go to our Nepal recovery fund. Venue: URC church hall, Twickenham Green

Grand Horse Race Evening – a joint event between the two Twickenham Rotary Clubs – 16th April 2016


The massive earthquakes in Nepal had ruined so many lives, bringing down not just the homes, the churches and the businesses, but also the schools

One of many approaches taken by Rotary recently is to rebuild some of the schools in the devastated area and Twickenham upon Thames has chosen to raise funds to equip 5 of these schools.  Equipment doesn’t just mean books and pens and pencils – it can be as basic as the water and electricity supply, the desks, chairs, blackboard and chalk and perhaps a computer. 

Our fundraising event in April this year for our Nepal project was a joint effort between the two Rotary Clubs of Twickenham called the Grand Race Horse Evening.  Fitting with the destination for the funds, the equipment was basic, home made, practical, but no technology or TV screens involved.  Instead the most beautiful quaint little wooden horses being pulled along a “track” by six people sitting in tiny chairs. 

It was hilarious to see them all squeezed in a row desperately rolling their tubes to pull the horses along.  There was shouting, there was laughter, there was a tote with 50p bets, there were horses to “buy” with the prize of a bottle of wine if yours won, there were drinks and a superb fish ‘n’ chip supper, and the ubiquitous raffle.  Generosity abounded with people “buying races” for as much as £35!

At the final countdown £1400.98 had been raised from the event – which was fantastic, especially when we had such a great time!