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We're proud to work with the Mirfield Community Partnership to improve public amenities in Mirfield. 
Mirfield Community Partnership has been awarded a grant of £8,000 in the Tesco Bags for Life vote following a bid to improve the canal tow path in the centre of Mirfield. This is part of a wider project known as the Mirfield Promenade. 
Please see blog http://www.mirfieldpromenade.blogspot.co.uk/  
1. Mirfield Promenade is an aspiration to restore and renew a waterside walk, from Cooper Bridge to Greenwood lock, in Mirfield.  It is a Mirfield Community Partnership lead protect.  It is based on voluntary organisation, fundraising, practical work and partnership with CRT and local organisations (including the Rotary Club of Mirfield) and local businesses.
2. How the grant from Tesco (£8k) will be spent on the town centre tow path. A local developer has the adjacent site in preparation for build.  CRT wish to maintain a wall between the building site and canal environs as a major flood defence, which proved essential in the Boxing Day flood.  MCP and partners are keen to see the area improved and have offered volunteer time to facilitate and maintain.
3. CRT Environment manager has agreed the removal of trees, self-sets, scrub from the area and wall, as these have no visual or wildlife value.  CRT are awaiting detailed plans from the developer to show proposed replacement planting.
4. After site visit and discussion between the developer, architect and subject to agreement with CRT , it was agreed that a scheme be drawn up with some speed in order to satisfy CRT, allow the drawdown of Tesco funds in time scale (monies lost, if not) and to enhance the new development. Volunteers to be updated and engaged as soon as scheme agreed.
5. The scheme will include replacement of degraded seating and  provision  of  surround paving. Some new tree planting.  Provision of two raised beds to be planted up with perennial shrubs and plants.  Bulb planting.
6. Volunteers will plant up beds, plant bulbs and draw up a  maintenance schedule.

(ALL fields required)