Mountain Bike / Iron Age Round House - April 2016

We held one of social evenings at the RoundHouse in Hadleigh

Mountain Bike / Iron Age Round House Visit – Wednesday 6th April 2016

For our latest 5th Wednesday Social Night, an evening visit to Hadleigh Country Park Mountain Bike Track was organised.

The site has undergone much improvement since the Olympic Games, with the opening of a new visitor centre and installation of all-weather tracks and paths.

The visit included a stroll along the top section of the track, which has spectacular views over the Thames Estuary. The timing was good and the weather lovely, so we could all enjoy a delightful sunset as you looked across towards Kent. 

Built into the hill is a Camera Obscure cabin, which looks like a ‘hobbit house from outside. However, once inside, the back wall turns in to a live image, which shows the Bike Course as a moving painting, all be it upside down !

As dusk approached we walked back to the Car Park and across to the reproduction Iron Age Round House. At the entrance we were greeted by an Ancient Briton ( AKA Brian our ex-President). Brian had gone to great lengths to authentically look like a man from AD 43, with robes and even a shield.

As we sat around the open fire, the night continued with a history of Bike Track, and a description of how an Iron Age man would have lived. 

Followed by the presentation of a cheque to support disabled children at Kingsdown School, Leigh on Sea.

We finished the night off, with a series of spooky ghost stories, designed to put the hairs up on the back of your neck !

A good time was had by all at the Rotary Club of Hadleigh Castle, and a repeat visit to the centre will be organised again.