What is Foundation?

Foundation is a Charity, a Rotary Charity, OUR Charity, and one that every Rotarian should give serious consideration to supporting writes former Foundation Convenor Brian Merrett

Because it is OUR Charity it is not easy "to sell" to the public to support. The good that is done by Foundation throughout the world is too far removed from most of our local public, so it is easier for us to mount a fund raising event and hand over the proceeds to a local charity. Except that at that moment we lose control over what happens to the money. So why should we support Foundation??, What does it do??.

OUR Charity is administered by trustees, Rotarians representing many countries in the world. Their remit is to ensure that funds are used by Rotary Clubs for projects that specifically come within the headings:- Hunger, Health and Humanity. 

We are all aware of the Polio Plus programme and its objectives to rid  the world of Polio by the year 2005. Rotary International, thanks to Foundation, is one of the main sponsors of this initiative. Our contributions to  Foundation is helping to finance this project. And it is going to happen!!.

But alongside this many Clubs throughout the world are linking with others in countries where a humanitarian need is identified e.g. Need for clean water, education, teaching trades, providing tools, creating agricultural awareness