'Call My Bluff' Wine Tasting

Sat 22nd April 2017 at 19.00 - 22.00

Stratton Village Hall

Pit your wits against four wine experts.

The 'Experts' will deliberate on a particular wine discussing bouquet, type of grape, country of origin, region and vintage.  The audience (made up of tables of 6 or 8) will all have glasses of identical wine to sample.  Only one of the connoisseurs will be telling the truth, the other three will be hiding behind misrepresentation, falsehoods and untruths giving disingenuous descriptions to persuade you that their's is the authentic narrative.  All you have to do as a team is to choose the correct description to match the wine in question.

After tasting 6 individual wines, plus a supper break in the middle of the evening, the team with the largest number of correct answers will be declared the winners and be presented with a prize wine of the finest vintage.   The winning team then have the opportunity to toast each other on their wine prowess, while the defeated teams can only look on enviously.

Please come and join us for an entertaining evening of fun, merriment and jocularity.

All profits from the evening will be distributed to Rotary charities.

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