Building Santa’s Sleigh

Rising to Pres. Jane's challenge, a sleigh is built for Santa's tours of Motherwell and Wishaw

In her 2015-16 Presidential Address, Jane challenged the members of the Club to have a Santa’s Sleigh ready to tour areas of Motherwell and Wishaw by the middle of December.

Past President Jim Peat, very quickly, provided a design for the sleigh, to be built using a four-wheel trailer as the chassis, and, with the agreement of the Club, it was decided that we would ‘go for it’.

Working in Jim’s garage, the construction of the sleigh commenced, with Jim undertaking the lion’s share and some assistance from Past Presidents Tom Agnew, Bill McCallum, Tom Sleith and President Nominee Andrew Murray.

The task of decorating the sleigh was undertaken, beautifully, by Rotarian Peter Brown.

The sleigh, which was finished to a high standard, will prove to be a real asset to the Club, touring Motherwell and Wishaw, annually, spreading the Christmas Spirit, entertaining the children and raising funds for various charities.

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