Charitable Donations 2015-16

Charity donations during the last Rotary Year

Charity Donations 2015-16

Local Charities
Mayor's Charity £100
Salvation Army £100
Kid's Out £100
Young Chef with St Catherine's Academy £326
Muscular Dystrophy (local branch)  £100
Our Place Our Space (over 19 club with special needs)
Bolton Dementia Support Group
Lagan's Foundation (Children with heart defects)
Harmony Youth (local group)
Bury Hospice
ICD support group
National & International Charities

Lend with Care (Micro credit for small start-up businesses)
Stop Hunger Now
Rotary Shoebox Scheme
Nepal  £50
Joe Homan Charity (Sponsor an Indian girl's education)
Winston's Wish
Rainbow Trust