Planting 5,000 Crocus Corms for Polio Eradication

To celebrate the near eradication of Polio from the World

Nursery children from Beaumont Primary School planting purple crocus bulbs alongside Beaumont Road. In total 5,000 bulbs have been planted in late 2016
Bottom picture showed them in March 2017

The planting has been sponsored and organised by the Rotary Club of Bolton Daybreak. The bulbs are for purple crocuses which, when they bloom, will show support for Rotary's international project to rid the world of polio. This has been running since 1979 with matching support from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in recent years. 2.5 billion children have been vaccinated so far and we have reached the stage where polio is now endemic in only three countries - Afghanistan, Nigeria and Pakistan. The aim is to extinguish the disease for good by 2019.

Why purple crocus: The reason is that when a child abroad has received the polio vacine it's finger is painted with a temporary purple dye. Thus ensuring they are not done again
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