Visit to Water Projects in Nepal

Mon 14th November 2016 at 17.00 - Thu 24th November 2016 - 17.00

Trekking in Nepal

We visited the villages where we have the current water projects (and the villages where we did the previous projects).

The water system in Baspani that we funded last year is completed. We walked to the source (about 2 km way in the forest) and saw the collection chamber. The storage tank above the village was full of water and the seven taps at various points in the village were giving water. The villagers gave us a great reception (and rather too much Raksi). Here are some pictures. This was a joint Casterbridge, Portland, Poundbury and Rennes project.

We also visited Payswara the village where we are doing the additional project this year (with the additional small District Grants that Portland and Poundbury obtained at the end of the Rotary year). We were able to tell the villagers that we have the money to enable them to construct a new collection chamber and storage tank, in place of the rather unsatisfactory unhygienic current arrangement (picture attached). They will start the work after the harvest season finishes next month.

We visited the villages of Yangsin, Dunge and Bharang which will be served by a new tank on a col which the Rotary clubs are going to construct next year (in the new year). We checked elevations and water runs and examined the site proposed for the tank. We were satisfied that the plans were sound and told the villages that work could begin.

We then went on a trek to Annapurna Base Camp and spent a day in Pokhara after that before returning to Kathmandu.