The Cober Capsule - a 50 Year Time Capsule

We will be burying a 50 year time capsule on the Penrose Estate to be opened on 5th July 2067. Funds Raised will be used to support the Birth and Baby Appeal for the refurbished maternity unit at Treliske Hospital


Do you remember 1967, 50 years ago. No internet, no Facebook, Israels 6 day war, NASA launches a lunar orbiter, Beatles release Sgt Pepper, A litre of petrol cost around 6p! A Ford Cortina cost £749 and an average house cost £3,740. Well what will be happening in 2067 50 years time. What if you could at least tell your descendants or future workers or future school pupils what life was like in 2017 and what you think it will be like in 2067.

From 15 February 2017 until 31 August 2017 the Rotary Club of Cober Valley Helston will be offering for sale a place in their time capsule that will be buried in Penrose Estate on 4 September 2017 and opened again on 5 July 2067. For £10 you can put into a special A4 envelope your thoughts and aspirations for the future generations, a message to your grandchildren's grandchildren perhaps, your hopes for your business or community in 50 years. Or any message you like, Written, printed or even digital information can be stored provided the envelope is not more than 12mm thick.

You will be able to purchase an envelope from any member of the Rotary Club, from the Mather Partneship Estate Agents in Helston or the Wheal Dream Restaurant.

Alternatively to Purchase an Envelope to be filled to be placed into the Cober Capsule please email the number you require and payment can be made for each envelope either by cheque payable to 'The Rotary Club of Cober Valley Helston' at £10 for each envelope or pay on line to our PayPal account by clicking the following button

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