Keswick Flood Recovery

Keswick Rotary Club and Keswick Lionbs have been distributing the charitable donations received following the 2015 Floods. This page details how the funds have been distributed.

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Keswick Rotary Club’s Flood Recovery Fund Reaches £250,000

Report on Progress October 2016

Update on Rotary Club of Keswick and Keswick Lions Joint Flood Appeal

Donations                                                                                              £
Total Donations into the Rotary Account                                           241,521
This includes £15,000 transferred from Keswick Lions who have also distributed an additional £17,875 from their account.

Total sum raised by the Appeal to date                                            244,396

Matched Funding from H.M. Government                                        118,376
Donations from 55 Rotary Clubs                                                         37,112
RIBI National Disaster Fund (Fitz Park)                                              20,000
Rotary District 1190                                                                            10,000

Grants made

·         109 grants of £100 immediate support           £10,900 plus £2,725 in vouchers

·         107 grants of £125 immediate support           £13,375

·         31 grants between £125 and £1,000              £16,542

·         34 grants between £1,001 and £2,000           £62,300

·         10 grants between £2,001 and £3,000           £29,000

·         3 grants above £3,000                                    £73,250                           


These additional grants have been made to almost 60 individuals and 10 Clubs/Organisations.

The two largest donations have been Fitz Park Trust     £55,000
Calvert Trust                                                                    £20,000

The following sports clubs received £2,000 each:

Keswick Cricket Club, Keswick Football Club, Keswick Rugby Club, Keswick Bowls Club, Keswick Tennis Club, Keswick Croquet Club.

Remaining funds to allocate are currently below £30,000 and requests are still been received. They are being dealt with by Treasurers of the two Clubs who have made a superb job of assessing and meeting the needs of those affected.