Million Birr Microfinance Project in Choche Ethiopia.

Keswick Rotary Club is working with the Choche Coffee Farmers Cooperative in southwestern Ethiopia. A Global Grant of 1.2 million Bir (aa £40,000) is supporting coffee farmers and small businesswomen.

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The Million Birr Project   

The project offers loans to around 104 coffee farmers to upgrade their stock and train them in modern methods.  It also supports small businesswomen, a mill run by women and landless youth to raise cattle and grow coffee seedlings on community land.  The club has also sent 30 refurbished computers which has started operation with the year 9 the school and a motorbike to enable the agricultural adviser to get around several hundred scattered farms in the community.
Sisay Alkasa the school director  described the computers as a dream come true. The computers were provided through Computer Aid International. A more recent donation has been solar powered lights to allow children to study in the evenings.

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