Guest Evening Speaker Meeting, 6.15 for 6.30pm

Mon 16th October 2017 at 18.15 - 20.00

Speaker: Sharon Tombs from Dressability

Dressability is a registered charity with a board of trustees. It started in 1998 as a 6-month pilot project with a part-time co-ordinator and 4 volunteer dressmakers operating on a shoestring from a spare room. A 3-year grant from The Big Lottery in January 2000 provided Dressability with the resources to become a full-time clothing service. By 2006 the number of users had increased and they needed additional staff to cope with demand. A development grant from The Big Lottery enabled them to recruit a project worker to provide additional services for older people.

Sharon Tombs joined Dressability in June 2013. She saw it as a wonderful opportunity to combine her many years of business experience with a lifelong love of sewing. She is now the Manager and also the Secretary of the Trustees.

She said clothing comes in all shapes and sizes, but sometimes that is not enough. For people with physical disabilities, learning difficulties and some elderly, finding clothes that reflect a personal style, fit well and are easy to take on or off, can be hard. To make their lives easier Dressability provides a low cost clothing adaptation and alteration service to people who need their clothes to fit well, feel comfortable and remain stylish. Whatever physical challenges they face, Dressability will tailor their clothing so that getting dressed or being dressed becomes an everyday routine rather than a daily problem. Dressability is one of only two independent clothing services in the UK that cater specifically for the needs of disabled people. It works with other voluntary organisations, disability support groups, social workers and healthcare professionals. Their advice has also been sought by the legal profession.Dressability's website