Corum Adoption Support Agency

Mon 18th September 2017 at 19.30 - 22.00

Steph Foreman and her colleague Lori Barton with President Don

Speakers were Steph Foreman and her colleague Lori Burton, who were introduce by Steph’s father Rotarian John Cox They both work for the Corum Adoption Support Agency, which is a voluntary charity organisation who work with Cambridgeshire County Council. Coram Cambridgeshire Adoption Support is committed to finding forever, families for children who need permanent, loving homes. Their talk gave us an interesting insight into how the charity help to support Adopted children from very early ages up to teenagers, to understand and cope with their often serious health issues that they suffer both mentally and physically in their young lives. From helping the families who adopt the children. To helping the families understand and teach them, with advice and training, of how to care, help and cope with the often very distressed and deep mental and sometime physical issues suffered with newly adopted children. The families themselves also, are subjected to quite a extensive scrutiny and a few security checks before they are allowed to adopt a child. During the start of the evening Steph and Lori first let us all pick from a bag various toy-looking objects, which were in fact, sensory equipment, like squeezy balls, bendy figures and the new spinner craze toy. These objects were often used to help children to concentrate and steady many of their varied problem stress symptoms. They also told us that take large groups of children on days out, similar to our Rotary “Kids Out”. Although these children often have more serious issues. It can prove very rewarding when they find some of the children respond to that kind of calming environment and care. They explained how that there only source of financial support comes from Cambridgeshire CC but still needed a lot more help to purchasing more sensory equipment. The whole talk and evening was a great success and most appreciated by the club and ladies, who at the end, asked a variety questions. Finally Rotarian George White gave a most complimentary vote of thanks. Following by President Don Morris presenting Steph and Lori with a cheque for £50, which was most gratefully received.