Halifax Charity Gala 2018

Sat 9th June 2018 at 07.00 - Mon 25th June 2018 - 19.00

What a blooming glorious day!

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Halifax Calder at its best :-)

Members new and not so new, coming together at this annual fund-raiser.
Not only did we run a charity stall complete with bouncy castle, wheel of fortune and drinks for sale, but we'd one member co-ordinating the procession and another an active member of the Charity Gala Committee, programme producer and Gala Queen organiser.

The sun shone, the castle was busy and we'd members helping throughout the busy day.
So many members (and family) went the extra mile, it would be unfair to single anyone out for special mention.
But I will - Margaret Spencer.
Not only did Maggie have to deal with the hundreds of little angels who went on the bouncy castle (and their occasionally challenging parents), she also had to climb inside on various occasions to deal with little bumps; and also children who were reluctant to come out when their time was up!

Please see attached a few photos taken on the day; please send me your snaps for inclusion.



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