Technology Tournament

Rotary Technology Tournaments are a challenge and an enjoyable and rewarding experience for those taking part. We guarantee an interesting and fun day out of school which will test the knowledge, ingenuity, innovation, application and manual skills of the participants and their ability to work in a team. There are three age levels for team members - Foundation,Intermediate and Advanced. All costs are paid by the organising Rotary clubs and there is no entry cost to school teams other than transport to and from the event.

The team of four students have to solve a design and technology based task which they know nothing about until the day of the event. Each team is required to design, develop, build and then test their solution to the task from the materials supplied.
The day culminates in the testing session when teams demonstrate their best solution to the task and can observe the efforts of competing teams. Stewards are on hand to guide the student teams. The tournament is judged by Rotarians and guests with backgrounds in engineering, technology and design. Certificates are given to every student and the winning teams in each age category are presented with a certificate and trophy.

Every year over 100 events are held across England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales engaging over 5,000 students. Technology Tournaments are accredited by The British Science Association so that every participant successfully completing the TT day can apply for a CREST Discovery Award.