Disaster Appeal - Shelterbox

PLEASE HELP US HELP THEM - With all the recent disasters - Hurricane Irma and Marie, Flooding in Nepal etc, we are raising funds through JustGiving to get `Shelterboxes to these areas

Shelterboxes being delivered to a disaster site

Over recent weeks and months the number of areas devasted through natural disasters seems to have grown almost exponentially.  More than ever, humanitarian help is needed and one of the organisations who need help are Shelterbox.  Each Shelterbox provides emergency shelter and equipment to cover a group of ten people.  See the picture below for the contents of a Shelterbox and see Shelterbox's website for full details.  

You can help by going to our JustGiving page here and donating whatever you can afford - every little helps - and don't forget if you're a UK taxpayer you can increase your donation by 25% through Gift Aid.

Contents of a Shelterbox