Dornoch Rotakids Buskers


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Rotakids, just like Rotary, is about team work and doing our best to help others while enjoying the fun and the challenges life gives us.  Rotakids in Dornoch is an example to us all as President Cody and two of his members - Lucy and Isla, encouraged by teacher Rotoract mentor Heather Shelley set out to show off their fantastic musical talents and raise as much money for Cash For Kids as they could by "Busking" in the Dornoch streets and at markets and events all summer.  And boy did they entertain and did the public appreciate it, donating over £1,000 to help less fortunate children than themselves.  These three talented and dedicated Rotakids really do know how to Help Communities and how to make a difference and the Rotary Club of East Sutherland is really proud of them.