Welcome to the International Students!

Wed 18th October 2017 at 18.30 - 21.45

Every year, Portobello welcomes the International Students to the city - hope everyone has a good time.

The International Evening is one of the highlights of the Portobello calendar, welcoming the students to the district.

The evening will start early: arrive at 6.30pm, aim to be sitting at table ready to order at 7pm.

Theme (including the meal): Hawaii/Scottish fusion

Dress code: Bright colours. Men: no ties allowed, at least not around your necks.

Rotary Regalia: not tonight - you'll have something else round your necks.

Finish: 9.45pm, 10pm at the latest (so people aren't too tired when they drive home).

Mood: Laid back, enjoyable - let's have a great time!