Honeymoon Suite by Richard Bean

Thu 10th May 2018 at 19.00 - 22.30

A charity performance at the Little Theatre, Bromley - 7.00 for 7.45pm

Honeymoon Suite

Bromley Little Theatre 


For details of this special charity performance, please click HERE


This is the main fundraising event for President Peter's two local charities, for local young diabetics.There are a total of 120 seats in the theatre at £12.00 each, or £10.00 each if booked early.

The objective is not necessarily to go oneself, but to sell tickets through your networks. Please, every Rotarian has a network. We had an opportunistic "trial run" last year; £230 raised as “fill-in” with Mayor’s charity; St Mary’s network is well established!

Honeymoon Suite by Richard Bean was performed at the Royal Court Theatre, London, in 2004.

The Guardian review read “...full of deadpan humour, leaves you unsure whether Bean's deadlocked duo are the victims of temperamental mismatch or social circumstance. …. The action takes place in a Bridlington hotel suite and traces the shifting marital fortunes of Eddie and Irene: Bean's Ayckbournian trick, however, is to present the three chosen time-periods simultaneously rather than sequentially.  ….. Whether they are nervous 18-year-old honeymooners, a middle-aged couple morosely celebrating their silver wedding or long-separated 67-year-olds enjoying a climactic reunion, the three Eddies and Irenes inhabit the same space while suffering the depredations of time ……”   Aahh!

We have seen it before at BLT, and keen to see it again.

Innovative Director too, so please prime your contacts!