World Polio Day Oct 24th 2017

A review on the progress of Eliminating Polio


Rotary and its members have been committed to the eradication of Polio for over 30 years. In that time the number of Polio-endemic countries has dropped from 125 to just three, with over 2.5 billion children receiving vaccinations thanks to the help of Rotary.

This year there has been only 11 cases of wild poliovirus worldwide 5 in Pakistan and 6 in Afghanistan a vast reduction from 1000 cases per day in 125 countries when Rotary started all those years ago

To mark the day Rotary is in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park today and with the assistance of rotarians, rotaractors, interactors. Rotarkids, family and friends will be planting 30,000 crocus corms .

The UK government has recently pledged £100 million towards the eradication of polio which will help to immunise 45 million children in our push to for 2017 to see the last case of Polio.

During 2016 there were 37 cases world wide of wild polio virus and 7 cases of vaccine derived cases

In 2016 to 3rd October 25 cases of wild virus and 3 cases vaccine derived cases

In 2017 to 3rd October 11 cases of wild virus and 56 cases vaccine derived cases

Wild virus can multiply vaccine derived is contained in the person.


5 cases wild 2017 down from 14 in 2016

Vaccination in progress on around 37 million children


6 cases wild 2017 down from 9 in 2016

Vaccination in progress more than 10 million children


0 cases wild in 2017 down from 3 in 2016 

Awareness will be increased with the assistance of the big screen when the film Breathe, which follows the adventurous and charismatic Robin Cavendish played by Andrew Garfield who has his whole life in front of him when he is paralysed by Polio whilst in Africa. The film is released nationwide on the 27th November.

Robert Eardley



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