Club Bulletin for November 2017

Bulletin for November 2017

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                                   THE ROTARY CLUB OF CHELTENHAM NORTH

                                                               Bulletin for November 2017

From the President – Steve Wood

Four months down; eight months to go and the wheels haven’t come off yet. I hope that we can keep it that way!

At our meeting on 5th October 2017 it was a great pleasure to induct Mary Ann Rust as our newest member and to hear about the active life that she had lead, including her prodigious ability at squash.

Our speaker at that meeting, Gordon Parsons, was an early director of the Cheltenham Literature Festival; an appropriate speaker as the meeting was held on the eve of the 2017 festival. Gordon told us about the early development of the festival and about some ion the interesting characters he had had to deal with as authors and presenters.

It was at the 5th October meeting that John Parr gave the Club news of his serious health issues and announced that he would not be able to organise the Wine Festival in 2018 and that he was stepping down from Council and would not be attending club meetings for some time. Members were naturally very concerned by news of John’s illness and expressed their best wishes to John and his family and offered tw help in any possible way.

Following John’s announcement the Tree of Light Committee recommended that the 2017 ToL be cancelled in view of the extent to which the event would be relying on sponsorship, most of which would have been secured by John. Council accepted this recommendation.

Council, however, felt that the huge amount of work that John has put in to establishing the Wine Festival over the last two years,and the goodwill that he has generated, should not be built upon and that we should do everything possible to ensure that the festival goes ahead in 2018. Council, with the addition of Geoff Fox and Mike Bone, are acting as the Wine Festival Committee for 2018. Much progress has been made in re-booking the Pump Rooms, contacting the potential exhibitors and sponsors and communicating with suppliers. John himself has been very supportive of this initiative and has established the ticketing website and invoiced exhibitors. We are very confident that we can run a successful event, although we are mindful that there remains a lot of work yet to do.

At the meeting on 19th October we were pleased to welcome DG Alan Hudson. Alan illustrated his life story and Rotary journey with pieces of music that we were invited to identify. Given that several of his choices were beyond obscure, we did reasonably well.

It was pleasing to hear from Andrew Worthington that he is intending to organise a repeat visit to Stoke Fleming nest year. Early expressions of interest indicate that this will be another successful event.

Also promising further success, the Beer Festival Committee has held its first meeting, once again together with representatives of Fatherly and Reddings Cricket Club. Some changes and enhancements for 2018 were discussed - watch this space.

I must mention that I now have in my possession the stunning pink wheelbarrow that I won in the raffle at the Curry Lunch in September. Adrienne and I were unable to attend as we were up a mountain in the Lake District but I bought raffle tickets in advance. I am grateful to Roger Grimshaw for sourcing the prize and storing it for me until I was

From Beth Phillip

Our premier fundraising event, the Carol Concert, is almost upon us. With your help, for which I am hugely grateful, it will be another wonderful success.

The volunteer rota follows. If there has been a change in your availability I would appreciate a prompt update.

Presenter Steve Wood Organist Mike Sanger-Davies Reception Peter Keenan, Sally Whittal Ticket Checking Terry Anderson, Michael Stevens VIP Escorts John Phillip, John Thompson V.I.P. Care Steve Wood, Adrienne Wood, Richard Purdon, Helen Purdon, Michael Rouse, Gill Rouse

Programme & Refreshment Ticket Sales John Smith (Team Leader),John Cantrill, Noel Moore, Sarah Lawson, David Rust, Mary Ann Rust, Gwynne Tucker-Brown Sommeliers Michael Rouse, David Setchell. Barmen David Setchell (Team Leader), Ross Cole, Roger Grimshaw, Nigel Gilhead

Musicians and Choir Care Shirley Setchell (Team leader), Ann Carter, Ann Glowery, Ian Pym Stewards Peter Watson (Team Leader), Eric Labrum, David Mace, Bill

McCleod, Clive O’Gorman, David Rees, Malcolm Richards, Andrew Worthington

Refreshments Vivien Barr (Team Leader), Rosanne Cole, Janet Keenan, Hazel

Mace, Jane Stevens, Pat Watson, Gill Worthington

Wheelchair Duty Ann Wilson Risk Assessment David Setchell Coordinator Beth Phillip

Update from Eric

The last report I had from my son Rupert was very recently when he 'phoned from South Africa on the day he completed the 2nd leg of their Clipper

round the world race. Following on from the first leg which finished in Punta Del Este at the mouth of the River Plate Uruguay, Rupert's yacht Nasdaq finished a creditable seventh out of 12. In fact they were voted the most improved yacht and crew. The first leg took approximately five weeks to complete, and with so much time on this journey accidents were likely to happen. Nasdaq got its fair share with damage to its main spinnaker and its generator. Working in the dark at night was a major hazard and contributed to loosing a lot of time. On the second leg it was other yachts turn to experience major problems. The yacht PSP hit a whale in leaving Urugua, and had to return to port for repairs. They then arrived in South Africa ten days after most of the others.

The next leg is due has just started, where their destination is Freemantle Western Australia. This will take about 3-1/2 weeks to complete. Each leg includes

positions which allow the first three yachts additional points, and a further area in which more points can be gained for being the fastest.

Rupert is currently on his way home after spending three months on board Nasdeq. He originally planned to do the last two legs from Seattle West Coast USA

next year. Whether this will happen has to be confirmed, as Rupert will dwell on this on his return as to whether he is up for more punishment!

Dates for your Diary

On Tuesday 13 February there will be a guided tour of Cheltenham Ladies College which is open for you to bring your friends. The tour cost is £12 to include tea or coffee and biscuits. In order to make a little money for the club we will also be having a cake sale. Tickets will be available very shortly.

On Saturday 19 May we will be joining forces with LINC for an Elvis tribute evening in the Parabola Arts Centre. Please support this event. Tickets will be available in the New Year.

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