12th February - Rotary Business Meeting

Mon 12th February 2018 at 18.30 - 21.00

Club business meeting is for members only

Venue - Chase Hotel
Date/Time - 12FEB18 6:30pm for 7pm
Chair - Richard Williams
Sergeant at Arms - absent
First Steward - Alan Godwin
Second Steward - Nina Hywood
Speekers Friend
- not required


 1  Welcome (chair)
 2  Thought for the day (1st steward)
 3  Announcements (Sergeant at Arms)
      = Apologies For Absence ( Brian Roe, Michael Green, Ian Benjamin, Bill Reeve-Tucker, Harry Bradbury, David Burgess )
      = Guests and visitors ( Nil )
 4  Clubs visited by members
 5  Sick Report
 6  Announcements
     = Visit to Odal - Norway (event group appointment)
     = Social Night Out - Rice Berry (confirm attendee)
MEAL - unless started earlier
LOYAL TOAST - the queen 

Business Meeting - Minutes of Previous Meeting available on ROSSROTARY.COM

   ·     Matters Arising (from previous business minutes)
·     President's Report (RW)
·     Secretary's Report (SR) 
   ·    President-Elect Report (PD)
·     Treasurer (BR) Written Report
·     Trustees/Websites/Protection (BC)
·     Publicity & Public Relations (AG)  
·     Sports & Social (FP)
·     Fundraising Activities
·     Member’s Announcements
  .·    Brian Cole Re Operation Raleigh 

8  Next meeting - Business Meeting, Chase Hotel
 9 Raffle (2nd steward)
10 Sergeant at Arms

FINAL TOAST - Rotary and peace the world over

Members who are unable to attend
Please indicate by email on or before the Saturday prior to the talk via this website MEMBERS AREA 
Later communications will need to be telephoned directly to The Chase Hotel reception before 10am on the morning of the talk

Thank you
Richard Williams
Ross Rotary Club President