Gairiswora Nepal Water Project 2018

Portland, Casterbridge and Poundbury Clubs with help of District Grant and Okhle Village Trust July 2018 work has commenced

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There are 37 houses. Population 205. There are two spring sources below the village. The village itself is at 1103 m elevation. There is a spring below at 1061 m which is adequate in the rainy season and another even further below at 990m elevation which is an all year-round supply. During the dry season in particular, villagers carry water up to 103m vertical climb (equivalent to a 34-storey building). The round trip can take an hour for each container of water.

The plan is to build a 20,000 L tank above the village with gravity drainage to 5 taps (each tap to supply seven houses). Washing clothes and personal cleanliness will occur at the taps and water will be carried to the house for drinking and cooking. There will be a smaller 10,000 L tank adjacent to the spring and an electric pump will raise the water to the large tank above the village. A concrete collection chamber will be built at the source to avoid contamination. The other collection chamber from the midway source that is only available in the rainy season will be maintained.

The estimate over a year ago has increased to £7000.00. Authorised for January to May 2018.

(This project is separate from our application for the RIBI donations Trust grant, but we have included it here as this is an integral part of the projects we intend to do this year, and also to demonstrate that we are making a significant contribution to the overall total. The funding here is provided by the three Rotary clubs of Portland, Casterbridge and Poundbury, along with a District grant of £2400)

Village of Gairiswora

Typical village house

Welcome by the women

Discussions with the men

Old broken collection chamber near spring

Lower source spring

Site of new tank on a terrace above the village