Club Bulletin for December 2017

Club Bulletin December 2017

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                               BULLETIN – DECEMBER 2017

Richard Purdon – Council of Legislation

I now have the results of the on line voting for RESOLUTIONS, which the World wishes the RI Board to consider. This is a separate process to the 2 Enactments, which we are preparing. These 2, if agreed, are discussed by all the COL representatives, and if approved become changes to the RI Constitution and Bye Laws.

So, all the 38 Resolutions were started with the prefix – “to request the RI Board to consider”.

Of these 17 were passed by the majority of the voters, about 485. Some were pretty technical but I have highlighted a few for our club interest.

· Recommending that each club have a strategic planning committee. Is this more than a Club Council?

· Researching the impact of Club Flexibility. We dine out on the success of moving to fortnightly over 10 years ago!!

· Releasing information on Pilot programs. We were very frustrated when there was a potential withdrawal of our “trial “on fortnightly without much consultation or explanation.

· Adding sustainability development and environmental protection as an area of focus. You will recall there are 6 at the moment. And, perhaps this a small support to spending reserves quicker.

· Sending the 5 year forecast financial forecast prior to the Council. More transparency perhaps?

· Not increasing Rotary’s Capitation at the 2019 Council. We may recall 3 years were finalised last time, all with a $4 increment per year.

I am not sure of the precedent on whether most of these will be agreed.

Nigel Gilhead D1100 Skittles 2017 – 18

We have been sent the details, for this year, by Tony Horn the District Skittles Meister. We are in League H.

With the planned absence of the Sports Officer, for most of the matches, we need a co-ordinator for this season. Please talk to Nigel Gilhead or John Thompson, before they approach you!

League games should be completed by end of March 2018 and positions will be determined on games won and pin differences. The Quarter Final Draw will be made at that time, to arrive at finals in May.

Games should be over 7 legs, however at this stage if both sides decide to only play 5 legs that is acceptable but the result will clearly diminish potential points difference.

As usual it is the responsibility of the home team to email Tony ( with the results, as soon as possible. He will be producing running tables as in previous years.

League H

1. Worcester Vigornia

2. Evesham

3. Cheltenham Cl. Vale

4. Tewkesbury

5. Cheltenham North

Home Away

2 5

4 5

5 1

5 3

Roger Grimshaw – Concert in aid of The Poppy Appeal

Roger, Paddy and friends held an evening of Poetry, Prose Music and Song in York Barn on Saturday 18 November. This very enjoyable event was completely sold out. Although for a serious cause there were moments of great hilarity especially with one or two of the dialogues. The evening finished with the poem – Act of Remembrance, followed by the last post and one minute silence. We were told on the night that the event raised £600 but the final figure may be a little higher. Well done to all concerned.

Andrew Worthington – Girl Guide Sponsorship

RCCN recently sponsored a young Girl Guide, Aerin, to go on a Guiding trip to Northern Ireland following a recommendation from the County Commissioner Karen MacFarlane – Karen is coming to speak to the Club in February.

Aerin had a wonderful experience and sent us a copy of her diary – if anyone would like a copy, please let me know

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