Rotary Swimarathon 2018


This is the 9th year that the Rotary Club of East Sutherland has hosted a charity swim to raise vital cash to help abolish Polio from the World.  So far, the Club has raised over £20,000 to which The Bill Gates Foundation has donated a further £40,000 to make a real difference.  A video of the swim can be viewed HERE

RotaKids from almost all the counties primary schools joined in and made it a party atmosphere from 11 am until mid-day.  After that kids of all ages (12 to 80) joined in led by our wonderful Highland Councilor Deirdre Mackay.  Rotarians Peter Orrell, Elizabeth Sweetman, Beth Christie and Fiona Herd along with Alistair & Fiona Risk also donned their swim costumes to support the event.

Before they all dived in many of the kids and adults posed for the camera holding their fingers in the “We are This Close” pose as thanks to Rotarians and friends swimming and fund raising over the years Polio cases have fallen from 500,000 a year to less than 30 (THREE ZER0) a year and we hope to do away with it all together in 3 years’ time!!

Thanks to all who swam and who sponsored others – you do make a huge difference.

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