What Rotary Does to Eradicate Polio

Rotary has been in the vanguard of the drive to eradicate polio for more than thirty years

Mike Wilkinson - Purple4Polio Officer reports: ....

In Afghanistan there have been three cases reported in the last 12 months with the last one reported on 6th January 2018. Last week vaccinators aimed to reach 6 million children across 24 provinces. In Pakistan there have been no cases reported since 15th November 2017.  In co-ordination with Afghanistan 36 million children were aimed to be reached for immunisation. There have been no reported cases of vaccine derived polio in Congo or Syria. Routine environmental sampling in Afghanistan and Pakistan indicates that the virus is still circulating in certain areas. Due to poor health and compromised immune systems many children require to be immunised more than once.

March 2018