Club Bulletin for July 2018

The Club Bulletin for July 2018

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                                      THE ROTARY CLUB OF CHELTENHAM NORTH 

                                                              JULY BULLETIN 2018

July Ramblings – (immediate Past) President Steve Wood

The Club has been very active since the previous Bulletin. In addition to our regular club meetings we enjoyed a “Partners and Guests” meeting at the Pudding Club. This proved to be a very pleasant experience for all who attended, in spite of their making a rather bizarre choice as “Best Pudding of the Day”!

On 10th May we had the visit to the Jet Age Museum, which was very interesting with excellent explanations from the museum volunteers, followed by lunch at the Gloucester Old Spot. Then on 9th June we enjoyed an “ Afternoon Tea Cruise” with the Willow Trust, one of our nominated charities for 2017/2018. We were blessed with excellent weather and it was a wonderful way to pass a sunny Sunday afternoon.

Two club events have taken place; the “Elvis “ tribute concert on 19th May and the “Beer and Cider Festival” over the weekend of 23/24 June. The Elvis event was not well attended but the audience looked respectable in the excellent venue of the Parabola Arts Centre and everyone there seemed to have a really good time. As an added bonus, the event actually made money, raising approximately £900. The “Beer and Cider Festival” was a far greater success. The sun shone, as ordered by Committee Chairman John Phillip, and the beer and cider, plus the odd glass of wine, flowed. Financially this was the most profitable year for this event and we have already arranged for an interim payment of £3,500 to the Hatherley and Redding Cricket Club, co-organisers of the festival, as Treasurer John is confident that their half-share of the proceeds will be at least that amount.

On the “Community” front, members helped with the “Kids Out” day on 13th June and with the Belmont School “Fun Day” on 16th June.

Our thanks are due to all those who helped with these visits, events and community activities.

This being the end of the Rotary year, my term as President of the club comes to an end. It has been an honour and a pleasure to serve as your President. I would like to thank all members for their support over the year and for the contribution that they have made to the activities and general well-being of the club. I believe that we have a club that we can be justly proud of, not only for the contribution that it makes to its local community and the wider world but also for the way it respects and cares for its members. I hope that I have done nothing to detract from its reputation! I wish Beth every success as she takes over. I am certain that she will prove a superb leader for the club (no pressure, Beth!) and I hope that she will enjoy her term of office. I am sure that the club will want to help and support her in every way.

Kids Out – John Phillip

A record 45 pupils and 25 staff from The Ridge Academy contributed to a total attendance of more than 700 children and 200 adults, itself a record. Clearly Rotary has found yet another service which our community greatly appreciates. Once again the sun shone and the children raced from one favourite feature to the next. Except, of course, for those confined to wheelchairs or walking aids. The dedication of staff never fails to impress. I discussed her responsibilities with a young carer from St Rose’s School in Stroud, who was patiently feeding one of her palsied charges through a port directly into the stomach because swallowing was impossible or likely to cause inhalation pneumonia. The intense feeling of relief that one is not similarly burdened on a daily basis is hard to describe.

I am very grateful to Roberta, Mary Ann, Ann (W), Beth, Mike (B) and Richard (P) for their contribution to such a successful and worthwhile event.

Belmont School Family Funday – Thank you for your support

On Saturday 16 June the RCCN provided helpers to man the car park and organise the BBQ for Belmont School Funday – the following is a letter of thanks that we received:

Dear Cheltenham Rotary,

Thank you SO much for supporting our Belmont 2018 Family Funday. Despite grey skies the event was a huge triumph, raising over £2,400 towards projects in both the Senior and Junior areas of our school. This was by far our most successful year to date.

The children of Belmont School all have unique needs, however, they are united by the difficulties they face in accessing the usual activities that many children take for granted. As important as raising funds is to our school, another fantastic result for us was to see so many of our current, future and ex-pupils all confidently enjoying themselves on the various games and activities. Learning to use money, to socialise, to take turns and to interact with new people are all critical life skills and our Funday allowed all this and more in a safe and positive environment.

We could not begin to host such a superb event without the valued support of local people, businesses and organisations. We are extremely grateful to all of you who donated prizes, money, time and energy to making our event such a success. We recognise too the tremendous support we receive from our Head of School, Mr Day, and all his staff, from the families of the F@B team and this year from Cheltenham Rotary Club who parked cars and flipped burgers with great skill. We are indebted to you all.

Thank you, thank you, thank you – you are quite simply F@B-ulous!

Kind regards

Sue Newport

Sue Newport, and on behalf of Carolyn, Sarah, Jan, Sue H, Lisa, Jane, Laura and Sophie – Team F@B

Future Events for July 2018

Thursday 5 July at 17.00 – 18.00 Club Council Meeting

Thursday 5 July - Club Meeting and Handover to the new President

Plus guest speakers Sophie Lydia Smith – a former Miss Cheltenham and organiser of the competition – and Ms Katy Van Hemelryk, Miss Cheltenham 2018

Host: Mike Stephens

Wednesday 11 July – Theatre trip to the Everyman to see ‘The Play that goes wrong’

Thursday 19 July 18.30 -21.00 – Club Assembly – venue Prescott Hill Climb

Host: Beth Phillip

Wednesday 25 July at 10.00 – 15.00 –Visit to the British Motor Museum at Gaydon

For more details please contact Tony Hughes

Wed 25th July 2018 at 10.00 - 15.00 Visit to the British Motor Museum At Gaydon

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