Wych-Malbank Satellite Club

Nantwich Rotary has hosted the formation of a new Satellite Club

New Satellite Club


Dear President Tony and the “Cream Team”,


I write to thank you all for the work that you have undertaken in getting the satellite Club of Nantwich up and running.


It was an absolute delight to be with you all this morning and be able to inaugurate the new Club and its members.    


Things like this don’t just happen - I know you have all pooled your ideas, thoughts, business and Rotary connections to make this happen.  You have grasped at the opportunity and you have proved that you really are Rotarians of Action.   

Many speak of doing things but you all made the club form  and I know you have each played your own part. 


Meeting and chatting to some of the members you could feel the electric buzz in the room and more than one actually commented that they could not wait until week 3 to get stuck in.    The venue, also, seems to be just perfect.


What can I say?     I am sure you are all the cats who got the cream this morning and  I felt that it was the best possible end to Tony’s year as President and my year as Governor.   Very many congratulations and thanks. 


There really is something magic about inducting new Rotarians  and giving them a blank canvas on which they can paint a marvellous future. 

Of course, they will need low key guidance but I will be watching their progress for the next few years and look forward to hearing about their activities.  


Yours in Rotary,



District Governor 2017/18