Lunchtime Meeting - 12.45pm - Speaker Freya Gillies-Foers our 2018 RYLA student

Mon 24th September 2018 at 12.45 - 14.00

Jayne's speaker Freya from The Marches Academy will tell us about her RYLA experience this August.

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The Rotary Young Leadership Award (RYLA) is an intensive worldwide leadership experience designed to help young people develop their skills as a leader whilst having fun and making connections.

Each year Oswestry Rotary Club sponsors up to two young people to attend the five night RYLA course at Arthog.  Usually selected from The Marches Academy' Lower Sixth Form by interview, they may not be 'the finished article' selected rather because their teachers may have identified a potential in them which RYLA will help to unlock turning motivation into action.

Marches' Sixth Former Freya Gillies-Foers was the speaker at Oswestry Rotary Club recently to thank their members for her RYLA experience at Arthog in August this year.  The five night residential course had challenged Freya as it provided many obstacles for her to overcome.

"I was so far out of my comfort zone," she said, "Not only had I never done any of the physical activities that these courses are known for but I had never even stayed away from home for so long before.  I learned a lot about myself and became more confident and assertive in group situations - skills which I will put into use when I move on to University next year."

Thanking the Rotary Club, Sixth Form Student Support Coordinator Anita Wyatt, who had been part of Freya's selection process, said: "Freya has visibly blossomed since attending, and has been much braver and aware of her strengths and weaknesses. It is a wonderful opportunity for our students, so thank you!"

"It’s wonderful to be able to make a difference to a young person’s life in this way," said Oswestry Rotary Club's Youth Chair Jayne Middleton, "That’s exactly why I wanted her to have the opportunity."

Freya received her RYLA Certificate from Martin Davies from Borderland Rotary Club who organise RYLA in this District.

Freya is studying English Lit, RE and Media at A Level and wants go on to do a degree in English Lit and become a writer. 

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