Cash Quiz - 06/08/18

Weekly Press Report

Instead of a speaker on Monday, Seagate Rotarians had their grey matter exercised in a quiz to test their financial knowledge.  Presented by Sandy Niven, it was a bookkeeper’s nightmare, where all the entries were given in old, obscure or slang terms for pre-decimal currency.  Simple ones included a leather worker and a type of bicycle, but others required a cryptic crossword brain.  There was an obvious bias in favour of older members who were brought up on Pounds, Shillings and Pence, and this was evidenced in the winning team of Jim Anderson and Robert McMillan.  A Vote of Thanks was proposed by Fiona Lee.

A report was also given on the Chernobyl Children's Party last Wednesday when Seagate provided Crepes, crisps , sweets etc . A great time ws had by alland thanks go to Eric & Mary Greig, Raymonnd & Aileen Jamieson and David Cousar for all thier hard work with the cooking.