Weekly Press Report

The Seagate Rotary hot dog stall at Marymass raised almost £500 for the club’s charity funds.  

Speaker at Seagate on Monday was Stuart Gemmell from the charity Input Community Works.  Based primarily in the Focus Centre in Saltcoats, the charity’s object is to help people with additional needs to cope with technology and wherever possible to give them the opportunity and incentive to move on to employment.  They do this by involving the students in refurbishing and recycling computers which are then given to people and organisations who need them. 

 Input also does weekly community drop-in technology workshops at Towerlands and Cranberry Moss Community Centres, computer maintenance for other charities and are a community resource offering advice and help with basic computer usage.  They are always looking for donations of unwanted computers and Stuart guarantees to wipe clean the hard drive before anything else is done. 

There were questions and discussion, and a Vote of Thanks was proposed by Jim Fairgrieve.