Club Bulletin October 2018

The Club Bulletin for October 2018

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                               THE ROTARY CLUB OF CHELTENHAM NORTH

                                                       BULLETIN OCTOBER 2018

Feedback from North Glos Area Meeting on 03.09.18 - JVP Richard P

These are held 4 times per year. North Gloucs covers the 4 Cheltenham Clubs, Tewkesbury; North Cotswolds,Chipping Campden, and Winchcombe. They are run by the local AG, who sends out an agenda in advance. They are open to any interested Rotarian. But in practice it is usually the officers in the club.

On the above Monday, there were 10 Rotarians present, and 3 from District. There were apologies from 3 Clubs – Cheltenham; Tewkesbury and Chipping Campden. Cheltenham North was well represented by 4 members – President Beth and John Phillip; PDGs Rod and Richard.

The following points are worthy of note and discussion if appropriate:-

a) World Polio Day is celebrated on 24th October annually.

b) There will be a District exchange in 2019/20 with Louisiana – costs and more info to come.

c) The next 2 District Conferences are Torquay and Weymouth –both in March.


Within the clubs present the successes were:-

North Cotswolds have held a good, first Classic Car rally at the school in Bourton. Their Interact Club took part, and the club turnout to help was very high. They are trying to open a satellite club in the Rissingtons.

Winchcombe have done much in the Community -34 trees planted; provide a flower planter with a plaque in Abbey Terrace; bought 9 wheelchairs for the Winchcombe Centre; supplied heating for the local guide hut and lawn mowers for the Sue Ryder Hospice. They have helped Cleeve Vale with the May Prescott Hill Climb and were given a third of the profit. They will be doing a Santa Grotto in the town.

Sunrise has had discussion with Cleeve Vale about helping each other. Their fund raising activities are well known. Funds are being invested in a Garden area for Headway – a trauma charity near Gloucester Hospital and seating for the Sue Ryder Chapel. They raise cash – for foundation – by having a happy tin at each meeting. They are targeting Retirement homes for new members – min age of admission is 50.

Cleeve have raised money for play equipment in a Bishops Cleeve Park and are still supplying defibrillators around Gloucestershire. They are trying to set up a more formal link with the Chamber of Commerce. They believe their average age is now 81 but they have elected the next 3 Presidents from 19/20. They believe they might be asked to take back the major circular challenge that they used to run from the racecourse. They can only do this with the help of the other clubs in Cheltenham!!

So a good exchange with 1 common theme – “are we individually or collectively doing enough to promote Rotary and to ensure it continues to be relevant and successful”?

Thoughts to be debated by club.

* Should we, again, set up a more regular meeting of the 4 Clubs Presidents of the clubs or nominated representatives?

* Could we come up with a project/s for all 4 clubs to work on over the medium term?

* The objective is to create a vehicle which gives a real opportunity for PR and Marketing of the activities Rotary goes and can do.

* Ought the District Membership team be asked to help set up a younger 5th club to attract younger, working , networking men and women to become the next generation of Rotarians?

Boules Update - Nigel Gilhead

On 13 September we travelled north to Tewkesbury’s home piste, conveniently situated in Gotherington, but on arrival we found the terrain had recently been extended and was now covered in various depths of top gravel. One piste would stop your boule within 0.5 meter and another would let it roll on 2 or 3 meters!

With only the four of us being available, to play that evening, we all played three rounds. John S led the charge winning his singles very quickly, with Andrew W, Tony H and Nigel G level pegging in the triples until Tewkesbury ran out of boule, leaving an open goal and we scored four to win. The doubles were close, but we finished the match, with a win for Cheltenham North, of five games to one.

The last games were played in fading light, so we were grateful to have brightly coloured jacks to aim for. After the match, we all retired to the nearby Shutters pub, for a traditional pub supper.

Duty Rotarians for Speakers

Nigel has recently circulated a list of forthcoming speakers. Duty Rotarians are needed for these – please check the list and let Nigel know which date you can do.

A huge thank you to Andrew & Gill Worthington for organising another wonderful trip to Dartmouth on 24-27 September:

A DEVON AUTUMN ALMANAC – Andrew Worthington

Monday lunchtime and the team started to gather at the hotel after a sunny journey down to Devon.

In the afternoon most took an afternoon stroll over to Dartmouth Castle and en route Adrienne enlisted the aid of a burly builder to administer first aid to her failing walking shoes!

Following an extended refreshment stop at the Castle some walked on into Dartmouth, others caught a local ferry into town while others retraced their steps and back for the first very enjoyable evening meal at the hotel.

Tuesday dawned blue again and a hardy group made their way down to Start Point via the first of AW’s “alternative ”routes following the road closure at Slapton.

However, after a very successful first three quarters of the walk with reports of “ your two old boys soaking up the sun on a seat – tell the others to save us a pint at the pub”, matters took a distinctly serious turn when it became apparent that PK had taken a nasty “bump” to the head after stumbling over a boulder. With no mobile signal, Adrienne enhanced her already impressive reputation, this time enlisting the assistance of a local young gardener chap and hitching a lift in his van up to the pub. Calls were made to the emergency services and soon a First Responder and three burly blokes from Coast Guard Rescue were in attendance. When the Air- Sea Rescue helicopter from Newquay arrived it was all getting rather dramatic. Soon PK was swinging high amidst the blue and was transferred to a waiting ambulance for a rather bumpy journey to Torbay hospital.

With Janet’s return to the hotel later that evening came the news that Peter was reasonably comfortable but would have to stay on for observation until Thursday and the journey home.

Wednesday dawned blue again and a modest walking team gathered at East Soar for a gentle walk round the coast to Overbeck’s. Not 20 minutes into the walk we came upon the East Soar Walkers’ Hut, a wonderful arrangement set up by a local farmer providing DIY facilities for coffee and cake which set us up nicely for the none too arduous walk to Overbeck’s garden and a rendezvous with the non walkers and lunch in a wonderful setting overlooking the Salcombe estuary.

Our final evening at the hotel was spent going over the events of the previous 48 hours or so over a lovely meal with much bonhomie.

Thursday morning was blue yet again and it was time for dispersal after breakfast with some calling in at Greenway and Coleton Fishacre en route.

I would like to thank everybody on the trip for their encouragement and participation in true Rotary spirit.

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be on Thursday 4 October when the speaker will be Danielle Mills – her subject is Medical Dogs. The duty rotarian is Gwynne Tucker-Brown.

Dates for your diary

Wednesday 10 October – trip to Weston’s Cider

Tuesday 18 December – Rotary Carol Concert

Saturday & Sunday 16/17 February 2019– Snowdrop Teas at Colesbourne

Saturday 6 April 2019 – Cheltenham Wine Festival

(ALL fields required)