Duncan Christie-Miller

Our guest speaker talked about the important connection between the mind and the body

We had the pleasure of welcoming Duncan Christie-Miller as guest speaker at our Rotary luncheon on 27 November 2018.
Duncan gave a very interesting and inspiring talk about the connection between the body and the mind based on the principle of ‘mens sana in corpora sano, ie a healthy mind in a healthy body.

Duncan reminded us that we have a kind of separate brain in our stomach with neural pathways transmitting chemicals to the brain in our head through a process called chemotaxis. The brain thus receives information on, for instance, whether or not we are still hungry or full, or, indeed our emotional state.  He argued that we need to feed our brain with the right food as well as physical and emotional stimulations. To that end, Duncan eluded to the benefits of adopting a positive mindset, or, attitude as a purposeful daily routine. Equally beneficial are yoga and meditation exercises as well as a 20 minutes nap after the main meal to refresh ones metabolism and also for the brain to be refreshed.
Towards the end of his talk, Duncan invited some of our members to assist him in practical and light-hearted demonstrations on how our brain is impacted by positive or negative verbal messages and non-verbal images or signals. The latter are more likely to create a stronger emotional response in people, which can be negative or positive. Our members thoroughly enjoyed Duncan's talk and had a much better idea about the connection between brain and body.