Suitable Graces prior to Dinner

Dear Lord. May the roof above never fall in, 

and the friends below never fall out.  

God of Goodness bless our food and keep us in a pleasant mood

Bless the Chef and all who serve us from indigestion, Lord preserve us.

For good food we give thanks,

for good Fellowship we give ourselves,

to good Service, we give our all.

As we give thanks for our daily bread

And our sound night's sleep in a comfortable bed,

Let us think of others with little to eat

and nowhere called home to rest their feet.

Happy the man who meets each month

With friends from near and far,

Happy the man who friendship seals

Beside a friendly bar.

Happy the man who shares his food 

Amongst old Rotary mates, 

Happy the man who to kind ears 

Sorrows and joys relates. 

Bless this food to our use, and us to thy service. 

Fill our hearts with grateful praise.  

May we give thanks for this our food. 

For life and health and every good 

May we, more blessed than we deserve 

Live less for self and more to serve 

For food in a world where many walk with hunger, 

For faith in a world where many walk in fear, 

For friends in a world where many walk alone, 

We give our grateful thanks to Thee , O Lord. Amen. 

For well-filled plate and brimming cup, 

and freedom from the washing up. 

We thank you, Lord. Amen. 

Let us give thanks for food when others are hungry; 

for drink when others are thirsty; 

for friends when others are lonely. 

In a world where so many are hungry, may we eat this food with humble hearts; 

In a world where so many are lonely, may we share this friendship with joyful hearts. 

May this food restore our strength, giving new energy to tired limbs, new thoughts to weary minds. 

May this drink restore our souls, giving new vision to dry spirits, new warmth to cold hearts. 

And once refreshed, may we give new pleasure to You, who gives us all.

Good wine, good meat, good God let's eat!

Grace, Health, and Strength to us afford 

Through Jesus Christ our risen Lord. 

Be present at our table Lord 

Be here and everywhere adored 

These creatures bless and grant that we 

May feast in Paradise with Thee 

We thank thee Lord for this our food 

And for thy loving ways 

In all things always though art good 

To thee be all our praise 

Thank you for the world so sweet 

Thank you for the food we eat 

Thank you for the birds that sing 

Thank you God for everything 

Bless O Lord this food to our use 

And us in thy service 

And make us ever mindful of the needs of others 

Through Jesus Christ Our Lord, Amen 

Bless the food we now shall eat 

And those who cook and serve it 

And if there be a good dessert 

God grant us to deserve it

Jesus Christ who turned water into wine 

Pray forgive these foolish men 

Who seek to turn it back again. 

We thank thee Father for thy care 

Food, Friends, and Fellowship we share 

May we for ever keep in mind 

All those whom life has left behind. 

For every cup and plateful 

God make us truly grateful. 

Be present at our table Lord 

And bless us as we dine 

And let us thank the giver too 

Of Bread and Meat and Wine. 

We offer humble thanks O Lord 

For this another Festive Board 

And may the gratitude we owe 

In kindness to others show. 

For Food, Fellowship, and good Red Wine 

We praise your name O Lord Amen 


Thank you Lord for this dinner 

Without your kindness we would all be thinner 


O Lord and giver of all things good 

We thank you for our daily food 

May Headingley Friends and Headingley Ways 

Help us to serve you all our days 


We give thanks to God 

For the provision of Food 

The pleasure of Fellowship 

And the privelege to serve. Amen 


Lord, as we enjoy this food and fellowship 

May we ever be mindful of those less fortunate 



Good health to all who share this fayre 

Good health to speaker and the chair 

Good health to club beyond comnpare 

Good health good Lord our heartfelt prayer 


For food in a World where many go hungry 

For friendship in a world where many walk alone 

And for all the blessings of life so richly given 

We praise your name through Christ our Lord. Amen 


May each one of us 

According to his own belief 

Give thanks for this food 

And for the opportunity Rotary affords 

To serve our fellow men. 


Before we raise our knives and forks 

And listen to the popping corks 

Help us Lord to think and pray 

For those who will not eat today 


O Lord who blessed the loaves and fishes 

Look down upon these twa bit dishes 

And though the taties be but small 

Lord make 'em plenty for us all 

But if our stomachs they do fill 

Twill be another miracle. 


Thank the Lord 

For what we've getton 

If ther'd bve any more 

It wud a been etton. 

The Selkirk Grace by Robert Burns: 

Contemporary version 

Some have meat and cannot eat; 

Some cannot eat that want it: 

But we have meat and we can eat 

Sae let the Lord be thankit! 

Traditional version 

Some hae meat and canna eat, 

And some would eat that want it; 

But we hae meat, and we can eat, 

Sae let the Lord be thankit. 

Let us offer thanks for our food, blessings for one another.

Let us be a source of hope for those in need,

and contentment for those who are lonely.

Let us give gratitude for our opportunity to serve Rotary.

Let the feelings of love, kindness, and a well directed

yet gentle spirit, always be reflected in our actions. AMEN

For good food and those who prepare it

For all at our table who will share it

For good conversation enhanced by good wine

Thanks be to God our creator divine.


May Rotary go from strength to strength

Working together across it's length

God Bless our meal as we dine

A good old natter and we shall be fine

Courtesy of PDG Wally Blair:

Bless O Lord, before we dine, each dish of food, each cup of wine,

And bless our hearts that we may be,  aware of what we owe to Thee.

Some live to eat, some eat to live

Some people take, some people give

Lord grant that we, who eat three meals a day

Should sometimes stop to think and say

That whilst we thank Thee for this daily food

Remember those who would eat, if they could.

For these and all his gifts,

God’s Holy name be praised

Bless O Lord this food to our use

And relieve the wants of others

Lord make us not like porridge,

Stodgy and hard to stir,

But make us more like Cornflakes,

Crisp and ready to serve

We come together with grateful hearts,

For all good things thy love imparts,

So may that love our hearts inspire,

That service before self be our desire

With hearts attuned to gratitude

We take this appetising food

And practising Rotarian care

Remember those with lesser fare

Lord Bless us with this food you give

And help each one of us to live

So that your blessings and this food

May do our souls and bodies good

For food, for fellowship, and the opportunity to serve others which this Club gives

We thank thee Lord, Amen.

Grant O Lord that with these gifts of food and fellowship

We may be strengthened each in his own vocation

To fulfil thy purpose of service.

As we meet again to sit and dine

To enjoy this gift of food and wine

Let’s remember the thousands of hungry souls

Who daily wait with empty bowls

And decide to give as much as we are able

Not just the crumbs from this rich man’s table

As we praise before we eat

Think of friends we cannot greet

And spare a thought for those in need

Then thank God for our daily feed.

We thank thee Lord as we sit at table

To eat as much as we are able

But let's remember that the final toast

Means helping those who need food most

O Lord and giver of all good

We thank thee for this Brotherhood

May Rotary Friends and Rotary Ways

Help us to serve thee all our days

Before we raise our knives and forks

And listen to the popping corks

Help us Lord to think and pray

For those who will not eat today

Breakfast Lunch and Dinner too

To most of us that's nothing new

But if it be true all men are brothers

Let's give a thought to the needs of others

May this food strengthen our bodies

And thy spirit refresh our souls

For every cup and every plateful

Please God make us truly grateful


Lord make us truly thankful for good company, pleasant conversation, and for the patience of an indulgent President.

Keep us ever mindful of the watchful eye of the Sergeant-at-Arms, and his ever pressing need to fill the bottomless coffers of the Treasurer.

And let us be granted freedom from the ravages of old age, especially those that leave us weak and limp when we need to be firm and upstanding. Amen.