Plastic Sculpture Challenge - Don't Chuck it - Sculpt it

Thu 28th March 2019 at 09.00 - Sat 11th May 2019 - 15.00

Register for Entry by 28th March - Display in Railway Gardens on Friday 10th May with Judging on Saturday 11th May.

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Our competition was inspired, in part, by “Trailart’s - Recycled Art in the Landscape” annual competition, which takes place in Teignmouth Devon. The following photographs were taken there last summer and allowing for the highly professional nature of many, may get you thinking about what you could create.


Competition Aims: -

In a light-hearted way, to raise awareness about the environmental impact of waste plastic.

1. The environmental message.
2. Creative use of waste plastic.
3. Artistic impact

Time Scales & Display
1. Please register your intention to enter by email to:
“” by the 28th March 2019
2. Entries should be completed and erected on Friday the 10th May 2019 at the Sturminster Newton Railway Garden for judging on Saturday 11th May 2019
3. The Sculptures will remain the property of the creators but may, if agreed with them, be afterwards displayed elsewhere in the town.

1. There is no restriction on size but consider transport and portability.
2. Be mindful of the wind and weather impact on your sculpture
3. Materials

a. The completed work must incorporate at least 70% of waste plastic material.
b. Any non-plastic components should also be “waste”.
c. If necessary, non-waste components may be used to make the structure stable. 

 Will be made in the spirit of the competition.

1. Are invited from schools, clubs and associations and individuals.
2. Should be registered with the organisers by 28th March 2019.

phone Nici Vining 01258 472032  or email: “”

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