RCCH Charity Cycle Ride around the Isle of Wight, 7-8 September 2019 - booking deadline 31 July!

For the last 10 years RCCH has organised an annual charity cycle ride from Chichester to Chartres. This year, however, we are planning something slightly different and a little closer to home, but we hope that this new event will prove to be equally interesting and certainly no less challenging for enthusiastic cyclists who want to help us raise money for a worthwhile cause.

On the weekend of 7–8 September 2019 a group will be cycling around the Isle of Wight, a location that is practically on our doorstep, but one that many people have possibly never visited, let alone contemplated cycling around in the course of a weekend.

The route follows much of the picturesque coastline, with magnificent views, but rather than being flat the route is undulating and occasionally hilly in places, and so will offer most cyclists a unique yet attainable challenge. The final route has still to be finalised, as due to accommodation constraints for what could be a group of up to 30 cyclists we will spend the Saturday night in a hotel in Newport and therefore won’t be simply cycling the waymarked 65-mile round-the-island route.

Including cycling from Chichester to Portsmouth on the outward and return journeys, and then cycling around the island, we estimate the total distance will be around 120 miles. There are many sights to see on the island and cyclists will be at liberty to make café stops and explore at their own pace as they cycle the route (all cyclists will be provided with a map of the island).

As always, this charity cycle event fundraises for a local charity, and for this year’s event ‘Stonepillow’ ( has been chosen as the main beneficiary, with other local charities selected by RCCH to benefit to a lesser degree. [NB. There is NO minimum fundraising target for this event.]

It is especially timely that Stonepillow has been chosen as 2019 is the charity’s 30th anniversary year.

“Stonepillow offers shelter, information and support to empower homeless and vulnerable people to make positive changes in their lives. Over the last 29 years, Stonepillow has expanded their services across West Sussex to support the growing number of people who find themselves on the streets. There are number of reasons that can cause someone to become homeless, whether it is individual circumstances, external factors or both. The reasons are often interrelated and sometimes it can be a chain of events that causes someone to lose their home. Currently, the two most common reasons for people accessing our services are family or relationship breakdown and loss of private accommodation.

Stonepillow provides support 365 days a year and have 95 clients in their accommodation on any given evening. Tackling homelessness requires more than just meeting the day-to-day needs of rough sleepers – providing shelter is a start but people need long-term support to help them leave the streets for good.

We provide a range of services in Chichester, Bognor Regis and Littlehampton including day centres, hostels, a recovery service, supported housing and charity shops. We give people the opportunity to learn new skills and access education, training and employment.

We work with over 130 people every single day, empowering them to rebuild their lives and find independent accommodation they can call home. We are here for people who are sleeping rough or homeless and want to turn their lives around. The support we offer is tailored to the individual’s needs. We understand that everyone is different and that’s what makes Stonepillow different.”

Further information about this event/a booking form can be obtained by e-mailing or contacting Janie Foote (Tel: 01243 538106 or 07798 805784). NB. Booking deadline: 31 July.

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