The John o Groats Trail


The speaker at the Rotary Club meeting on 27 March 2019 was Jay Wilson an American who fell in love with the far North and its coastline when he walked from John O Groats to Lands’ End.  The stunning scenery of the area haunted him until he finally upped sticks and moved to Berriedale determined to open up the old drover and coast roads that wind along the dramatic Sutherland and Caithness coast.

He envisaged and has created the John O’ Groats Trail, not just by saying it was there but by clearing the bushes and the rubble, building bridges and styles and putting up marker posts all the way so that others can follow the route safely and with confidence.  And now with many volunteers he is marketing it, distributing brochures and helping stimulate the tourist economy by offering an alternative to the North Coast  500.  A route that offers you the time and the peace to take in history, to gasp at the views and to fill your lungs with good fresh air as you head North along a route that was once fallowed by the girls who chased the herring fleet around the coast to find work gutting fish or the shepherds who moved their cattle from Caithness and from Orkney to the markets of Falkirk.

Several members were inspired or at least moved to claim that they plan to walk the walk and perhaps turn that experience into a fund-raising effort.  More about the John O Groats Trail can be found at their website

Pictures show Jay addressing the Rotary meeting.