Rotary, Cleaning up Tarporley and Outlying Villages

Members of the The Rotary Club of Tarporley will, at times in the year, be seen picking litter and generally helping to keep our town and the outlying villages tidy.

If you were sharpe eyed on Saturday 13th April and travelling from Tarporley to Utkinton then you may have noticed a lone figure litter picking along the road.

That was Matthew Grant who lives in the area. Matthew devoted his free time to picking litter of the verges of the road between Tarporley and Utkinton. 

He picked up enough rubish to fill four large refuse bags. The most interesting item being a bashed up drone!

If he had not been spotted by a local resident his work would have gone un-noticed.

Of course Matthew is not alone in keeping our Town and Villages tidy. We regularly have a clean-up in Tarporley. Usually in the Spring and in the Autumn. Have a look at the photo's attached to see the difference we make.

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