2019 - 20 Jane & Maggie's Year

This year we have a joint Presidency with Jane & Maggie

As new joint presidents we are looking forward to enjoying the fun and fellowship of our club.

It will be a busy year with an interesting programme, with a focus, as always, on supporting our local communities, and our International partners in Uganda, Sri Lanka & Nepal.

Our relationship and involvement with local schools and Rota kids is being supported whole heartedly by club, as is the Memory cafe which meets the last Thursday of each month. We thank all volunteers who help. (Address on our web site).

We are also looking into a project to revamp the Dove Hospice tea room gardens in the Vale of Belvoir

 We are excited about our social activities which include: Frog Racing, Grass bowling, ten pin bowling, pot luck supper, Burns Night and a Murder Mystery evening. We are also planning a weekend trip to Stratford upon Avon next year.

This year is our 10th Anniversary of the Vales Got Talent and we are predicting another special exciting final, from enthusiastic and talented individuals.

We are delighted that our strong relationship with Blue Diamond Garden Centre at East Bridgford continues, enabling us to have our annual Santa Sleigh and collection in December as well as visiting  our usual routes.

DG David Hood was welcomed by club in July who entertained us and spoke about this year’s Conference in Scarborough which a few of us are looking forward to attending.

We would like to thank all our members for their support and hard work and look forward to another successful year.

4 July 2019District Governor David Hood

Before the DG presentation, joint Presidents Maggie and Jane announced that our Club had received a new District Award, the Cheryle Berry RotaKids Award, to be shared with Retford RC.

David gave us some background information on himself, showing his worldwide work as Export Manager of Coats Viyella, more latterly with East Midlands Chamber of Commerce on Trade Missions.  He also accompanied our 2013 GSE team on the trip to Nepal. Born in Glasgow, he had links with youth with Cubs, Scouts, Youth Club Leader, moving on to Round Table, moving to Derbyshire 25 years ago, training a young Rugby squad. He moved on to his Rotary visit to the New Presidents Convention, showing us a 2 minute video from Mark Maloney that inspired the new ‘strap line’ of “Rotary connects the World” and out lining the objective of “Grow Rotary”.  David was taking up the challenge working with The Chamber of Commerce and promoting the Corporate Social Responsibility programme/opportunities.

Overall an energetic, inspiring presentation that reflects his personality.

Maggie then gave a heartfelt ‘Vote of Thanks’, suggesting that his District Conference Theme of “The Difference is you” should provide a platform to grow Rotary driven by his dynamic, cheerful personality. She confessed to being born in Scotland herself, being a Scottish Highland dancer and looking forward to a “Gay Gordons” at the Conference with David?!                                                                                       MF/AR

11 Jul 2019 - Special Business Meeting

We had an open discussion on the way we make payments for our weekly meetings and our Annual subs.

Chris H.then put the proposal that we set up standing orders for £36/month to be paid into a dedicated account, which Treasurer Ann will set up and notify members.  However, there will be flexibility for some members who wish to operate individually.

There will also be details of the Clubs account distributed, so that those who wish to pay on-line by Bank transfer(BACS), can do so.

There was also discussion on our forthcoming Special 30th Charter, with venue, dress and entertainment the main topics.  There was a strong sense for a formal event, possible return to Trent Bridge and further investigation of possible entertainment.  

This was followed by a "Wimbledon" quiz, won on table 2 with a pathetic 13 points out of a possible 30                                                                                     AR

16 July 2019 - Sothwell Racecourse - Rotary Fund raising for DMRC

A very pleasant warm evening was enjoyed by President Jane, Keith, Adrian, Gina, David E and Judy(& friends) and Allen at this event organised by Susan Pickworth. Keith started with a win( although he had a tip from former footballer and betting shop owner Ian Storey- Moor!), but the rest of us struggled to win deciding that local Trainer and jockey family of the Skelton's were favourites in most races, so not worthy of odds on investment.  So we all focused on eating fish'n'chips or ham cobs and drinking, a most enjoyable , fun event raising the profile and awareness of our wonderful organisation.                AR

Visit to Hanwell Wine Estate 18th July 2019

We were welcomed by Helenka and William Brown who own the estate, on a lovely warm July evening. After initial drinks Helenka talked to us about their story and how they had set up the vineyard. After that we trooped down to the vines and were told about caring for the vines and what sort of wines were produced – much more technical than we expected – and also about their team of workers which included Luke, the dog (security and pest control).

Care for the environment and wildlife was also high on the agenda. We were only down amongst the vines for a short while but we seemed to generate a thirst the more we heard, so we headed briskly up to the barns where we were able to enjoy tasting various wines. Some of us seemed to enjoy drinking it straight away rather than enjoying the subtleties of smell and taste that was explained by Helenka! (The barns were also in use for various craft experiences such as making chairs and various art course.)

The Brown family delivered a most educational and enjoyable experience in a relaxed environment.   RM

25 July 2019 EMICS – East Midlands immediate care scheme - Dr. Tim Gray


Dr. Gray, I know that one of your aims in order to raise awareness of EMICS, and of what you do, is to speak at organisations such as this

On behalf of the vale of Belvoir Rotary club I can confirm that you have certainly done that tonight

You not only travel to the scene of emergency events to help and save lives - without the facilities of a trauma unit and a hospital around you,

You obtain all your income from charitable donations,

On top of this, your trustees and doctors invest their own time in raising funds for the charity,

Whilst they, the doctors are unpaid in giving up their free time; and they cover the cost of their training

Keeping an organisation running of 26 people; whilst at the same time ensuring you have sufficient funding to support all this, is not easy

And we understand that you see a need to increase the level of service provided

It is good to note that your contribution to the community has been recognised by the highest authority in the UK – with an MBE


Some information from the latest news section of the EMICS website: item

  1. Angela will be walking the Leicestershire round, which is the equivalent of walking four marathons over ten days; she will donate all the funds she raises to EMICS.
  2. On the 1st. June there will be a charity gala concert at the Newark palace theatre in aid of EMICS and the Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire air ambulance.


Also, entered into the EMICS website, just two testimonials:


From one person – thank you Dr. Chris Press for all his help after our ‘rescue’ from our car during the storm Oscar-flooding in Hathersage.”


From another – “i am running the robin hood half marathon for EMICS because they are one of the reasons my son is alive today.”


Of these two, I can equate particularly with this second one because last February my grandson had a seizure – and our call for help was responded to within minutes.


Thank you, Dr. Gray for being with us tonight and for a very illuminating talk.      

If anyone needs further details about EMICS, please contact Tim on: timgray86@hotmail.com                    AW

1 August 2019 Prison Education – Jim Costello

Jim Costello was the club’s guest speaker this week. A member of neighbouring Newark Castle Rotary Club, his talk centred on his experiences in the provision of education to prison service inmates, initially at Ranby and later at Nottingham and Whatton prisons.

He provided a background to UK prison’s with a population of 80 000 males and 4 000 females.  He described BAME: Black & Asian Ethnic Minorities, with 14% of our population, but 25% of inmates. Young offenders (16 -21) contain 51% BAME. Cost per prisoner at £38k p.a. He first started in HMP Ranby in 2005 teaching ESOL (English to speakers of other languages). He explained the different categories of Prisons and some information about their Workshop system: Wood Mills, Plastics, Laundry, Textiles and education {Jim’s area where they offer Maths, English and IT (Sage); but now involved in Open University courses.

He outlined the different challenges posed by prisons with differing offender profiles, and provided a comprehensive and occasionally surprising overview of the attitude to education among the prison population, all delivered with humour.                                                                                SC/AR

8th August 2019 Hitler’s V1 and V2 Rockets – Roger Allton

Roger Allton came to our Club to tell us about Hitler’s V1, V2 and V3 Rockets, the development which started after the Versailles Treaty and influenced by Wernher von Braun in Peenemunde research base. He went into great detail to explain the difference between the pulse-jet powered V1 and the V2 liquid fuelled rockets, and the devastating effects that these missiles had on our Country. Fortunately, RAF bombing delayed the start of the V1 offensive, allowing D-Day to proceed without disruption. The first V1s targeted UK just 7 days later.

He showed that the Vergeltungswaffe 1 FZG-76 (V1), known as the Flying Bomb or Doodlebug, was the first modern unguided missile used in wartime, with 18 foot wingspan and capable of 350mph.

Vergeltungswaffe means 'reprisal weapon'. The V1 was the German response to the British and American air assaults on their cities. Over 9000 were fired at England. The eastern and south-eastern boroughs of London suffered the most with ten hits per square mile, three times the average for Greater London.

Roger then, as a comparison, demonstrated with pictures and diagrams the Vergeltungswaffe 2 (reprisal weapon 2) was an even more sophisticated rocket and was the world's first ballistic missile, with a 53 mile high trajectory and capable of 6500 ft/sec (Mach 6), aimed at a target 200 miles away – arriving unheard at Mach2 +. Over 1300 V2s were launched on London, killing more than 2500 people and seriously injuring almost 6000.Although most London boroughs were hit by V2s, they killed more people in Deptford than anywhere else. The borough suffered nine V2 strikes, which killed nearly 300 people and injured even more. The rockets also destroyed hundreds of houses in the borough.

He described ‘Operation Paperclip’, where the USA acquired more than 1000 former German rocket engineers, culminating in the first Saturn rocket launch at Cape Canaveral in 1952

Many members of our Club were surprised at the level of technology that was available, and being used, during those times.

The concentration on our Members faces for the whole of the presentation, said without words, how interesting it was.                                                                    DG/AR

15 August 2019 Bonsai demonstration – Corin Tomlinson

Our speaker on the evening, Corin, brought along a number of examples of his craft, displaying them on each of our tables: White Pine; Crab apple; Hawthorn, needle Juniper and Acer Maple. He had the Cub spellbound as he transformed an ordinary £35 garden centre shrub into a very fine oriental Bonsai tree, dramatically cutting and trimming the root system, trimming with his fingers, deciding which would be the front, giving it an interesting tilt, repotting in an appropriate Bonsai pot and adding some gravel to finish it off.

The speed of his scissor trimming of the shrubs amazed even Jane, our joint President hairdresser, or was it the thought of another side-line for her? After all he did say some of the trees were quite expensive, having one in his collection at £8k and explaining that he had witnessed at a Japanese Bonsai convention that he had attended one specimen that went for a million dollars!

Corin trimmed, bent twisted and fixed the branches into place with various gauges of wire with such dexterity to form a very artistic looking tree, which I think everyone in the room desired to own by the end of his demonstration.

Whilst Corin made it look easy, the skill obviously came from his many years of academic Horticultural study in the UK and four years spent in specialist Bonsai experience in the USA.

It was a very humorous talk by Corin, that both informed and entertained at the same time.

I heard many members say they would like to attend one of his Bonsai tuition days at his Greenwood Bonsai Studio, NG5 8PR www.bonsai.co.uk, and also attend the open W/E 7th 8th Sep 2019.

It was a pleasure to propose a vote of thanks to such an accomplished speaker.                   Doug Downing