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PleThe Rotary Club of Axminster tries to make a difference by helping people in difficulty in any way available to it,ase find information

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The motto of Rotary International, “Service above Self” indicates that Rotarians are in the organisation to work to help others who are in difficult situations.

 Each Rotary Club tries to give practical or financial service to a wide range of needy causes ranging from its local community to projects in other parts of the World. These projects may range from giving assistance to individuals to huge projects helping many thousands.

 Each club has two aspects; social and charitable. The Rotary Club of Axminster is no exception to this definition. 

The social side is based on friendly meetings and social events. These have two purposes; enjoyment and better understanding of each other. In turn, this helps to form the teamwork needed for the charitable work

 The charity work consists of giving help to those in difficult circumstances whether international or local.

 The work of the Rotary Club of Axminster has an international aspect but the Club’s main objective is to give help to the local community.

 International projects.

 The actions best known to the Axminster community are the collections at the TESCO store whenever there is a significant disaster in another part of the World. TESCO is usually most helpful on these occasions. Two such disasters occurred in the past year. One was the severe flooding in Kerala, India in September 2018 and the more recent was the hurricane that did enormous damage in the Bahamas. The public responses helped the Club to send Shelterboxes to help the affected areas. (See the Shelterbox article)

The club is most grateful for the generosity of the Axminster community on these occasions. 

Other International projects that the club supports are:-

1.    PolioPlus,the Rotary International led project to eliminate the dreadful disease of polio from the World. (See Purple for Polio article}

2.   Shelterbox, is often aided after TESCO collections (See Shelterbox article).

3.   Sand-Dams, which is a project designed to supply water to people in arid regions (See Sand-Dams article).

4.   Exeter Leukaemia Fund (ELF). The club gave alarge part of its share of the profits from its Annual Golf Day (See Article on Donation to ELF).

Local Charity

The Rotary Club is aware of the important work of the two main

charities of Axminster,  Axminster Care Service and the

Axminster United Charities.

1.    In the past year the club has been able to assist these charities and at its 2018 Christmas each was presented with £1,000 from the town’s Club. (See article about Axminster Charities)

2.   The Flamingo Pool has been supported by the Club since its inception. A further donation of £500 has been agreed.

3.   The local Lip Reading Service is a charity that helps people who are hard of hearing by teaching the skill of reading the lips of others in conversations or on TV. Although this service meets in Honiton, it serves Axminster. The Club has supported the Service for a number of years has provided £100 towards rental of a room in 2019-20

4.   Each year the Club considers the voluntary work of local people who are assisting others in the community or helping the youth of the town and selects the most hardworking for awards. The awards are in the form of cups each with cheques. The cheque is made out to a charity selected by the winner. (See Les Knight and Bill Knapman Awards)

5.   The new Hospice Care at Home Service for Axminster. The Rotary Club of Axminster has realised the importance of this new service provided by the League of Friends of Axminster Hospital and has agreed to donate £500 (See Hospiscare@Home service article)

6.   Some help is of a personal nature where publicity is not desirable. Examples are the assistance to individuals in need by supporting the purchase of mobility equipment for local people who would otherwise be extremely restricted in what they could do.

7.   The Club has also aided to other charities by providing help with collections at the Tesco store.

Where does the money come from?

Members of the club have to work in several ways to obtain the money needed to help people or organisations.

A major source of income is from car parking at events: an action which in turn is of help to other charities and organisations.

In December the club has an annual collection at the Tesco Store to help fill its coffers.

Another source is the Christmas Lunch in the Guildhall. The guests at this event are invited but also pay to attend. The profits are added to the charity fund